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Sierra Palace for Elderly, Inc

Get to know us........

Sierra Palace for Elderly, Inc is a licensed residential care facility, which provides a high level of care for our residents. Licensed for 11 at our #1 facility and  for 6 at our #2 facility, Sierra Palace offers a cozy, at home atmosphere with almost one on one care and supervision. Our facilities are structured for Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory, Bedridden, along with Alzheimer's and Dementia care. Hospice care is also available for our residents, for their comfort in the time of need.

Sierra Palace for Elderly, Inc was established in 1997 to provide a calm, safe, and secure environment for our residents.  Family owned and operated Sierra Palace started with one facility but through recommendations from friends and family members of our residents Sierra Palace opened a second facility in Fresno. Sierra Palace #1 is located in North Fresno just off of Sierra and First. Sierra Palace #2 is located in Northwest Fresno just off of Bullard and Fruit.

We have built strong bonds with our residents and their family members that stem from trust, care, and honesty. Our motto has always been "Care, Well Being, & Quality of life" and we stand by that 100 percent. Please give us a call today to schedule a tour.

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